About the Faculty of Humanities, Law and Economics

"Creating global intelligence and infinite possibilities"

Brief History of the Faculty

image The Faculty of Humanities, Law and Economics was established in April 1983. It consists of two departments: the Department of Humanities and the Department of Law and Economics. In April 1997, the Department of Humanities was reorganized and expanded to incorporate Environmental Studies as well as several interdisciplinary study programs based on culture and language in particular regions of the world. In April 2005, the Department of Law and Economics was reorganized around two main study programs: a course in Law and Politics; and a course in Contemporary Economics.

The Aim of the Faculty

The Faculty of Humanities, Law and Economics aims to provide an education beyond a student's chosen discipline. The technical knowledge of particular disciplines is acquired from an interdisciplinary perspective. This approach is designed to encourage creativity to develop alongside technical expertise; it allows students to make more informed decisions, and act quickly and positively in the intensity of today's international world.

The Organization of the Faculty

  • Department of Humanities:
    Fields of Study: Regional Culture
    Language and Literature
    Environmental Studies
    Regions: Japanese Studies
    Asian and Oceanian Studies
    European and Mediterranean Studies
    American Studies
  • Department of Low and Economics:
    Law and Politics Course
    Contemporary Economics Course