Faculty of Humanities, Law and Economics &
Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences

About the Faculty of Humanities, Law and Economics

The Aim of the Faculty

By conducting interdisciplinary and comprehensive education and research in various fields of humanities and social sciences, you will be able to play an active role in local and international society with a broad perspective and flexible thinking based on specialized knowledge and rich education. We aim to develop human resources and contribute to the development of local culture and society.

Brief History of the Faculty

The Faculty of Humanities was established in April 1983 with two departments, the Department of Culture and the Department of Social Sciences, as a faculty that aims to educate specialized knowledge from an interdisciplinary perspective that goes beyond established academic fields, and to foster an international mindset. Did. Since its reorganization in April 1997, the Department of Cultural Studies has been conducting research into the diverse cultures and languages of various regions around the world, as well as exploring the environmental culture surrounding humankind. Furthermore, in April 2005, the Department of Social Sciences transitioned to a two-course system: the Law and Politics Course and the Modern Economics Course, and in April 2008, the Department of Social Sciences changed its name to the Department of Law and Economics. From April 2024, both departments will transition to a three-course system. The Department of Cultural Studies offers the "Studies of Cultural Resources",
"Studies of Foreign Languages and Cultures" and "Studies of Socio-Cultural Behavior", and the Department of Law and Economics offers the "Law and Politics Course", "Economics and Business Administration Course", and "Public Policy Course".